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Travel insurance for extended stays

Travel insurance for extended stays at a glance

  • Coverage for health and emergency medical expenses 
  • Covers trips of over one month
  • Emergency round-trip
  • Discount for earlybirds and travel companions 
  • Extra savings when you combine your travel insurance for extended stays with annual travel insurance coverage.

Whether you're a retiree visiting Europe or a globe-trotting adventurer, we have the right travel insurance for extended stays for you!

Did you know that your provincial health insurance plan, e.g., RAMQ, may not fully reimburse healthcare expenses incurred while travelling?

This makes it important to protect yourself with travel insurance.

Travel insurance for extended stays: what's covered

Medical expenses

  • Ambulance
  • Hospital room
  • Laboratory testing
  • Medical item rentals, e.g., crutches
  • Prescription drugs
  • X-rays

Treatment by health professionals

  • Acupuncturist
  • Chiropractor
  • Dentist (in the event of an accident)
  • Osteopath
  • Podiatrist

Transportation expenses

  • Emergency repatriation
  • Hotel accommodation and meals
  • Repatriation of remains in case of death
  • Return of a pet
  • Return of your vehicle to your home country
  • Transportation and accommodation for an accompanying family member at your bedside

Travel assistance

No matter where you are in the world, you can count on travel assistance services:

  • Physician and health professional recommendations
  • Emergency return flight and repatriation
  • Prescription transfers
  • Identity theft assistance (some conditions apply)

Emergency round-trip

Emergency round-trip coverage is included for trips lasting more than 30 days (some conditions apply). 

It allows you to return to your home province and then get back to your trip.

Emergency round-trip coverage reimburses your transportation expenses in the event of:

  • A death in your immediate family
  • Hospitalization lasting at least seven consecutive days
  • Damage to your home that renders it uninhabitable

Get a discount

Call us at 1-855-309-5888 for information on discounts available if:

Talk to one of our representatives if...

  • You have left your home province for more than 183 days in a single year and are not covered by your provincial health care plan, e.g., RAMQ
  • You have a health problem or illness (also called a pre-existing illness) before you leave
  • In spite of a pre-existing illness, your health is stable and does not prevent you from travelling

Call us at 1-855-309-5888 for help finding the best travel insurance for extended stays for your needs. 

How to submit a claim

Call the insurance company that sold you your travel insurance for extended stays.

They will tell you how to submit a claim.