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Trip cancellation and interruption insurance

Trip cancellation and interruption insurance at a glance

  • Protect yourself against unforeseen circumstances that could force you to cancel, postpone, or interrupt your trip
  • Get reimbursed in the event of an illness, injury, death, or other eligible event
  • Adjust your insurance amount to match the cost of your trip

Nobody plans for illness, accidents, and the unexpected. Trip cancellation and interruption insurance helps you protect yourself and your investment. 

Trip cancellation and interruption insurance lets you protect your investment if you are forced to cancel your trip or make an emergency return home in the event of circumstances beyond your control, such as: 

  • Adoption of a child
  • Airline declares bankruptcy
  • Airline delays due to weather conditions that account for more than 30% of your trip
  • Canadian travel advisory issued for the country you are planning to visit
  • Death
  • Disaster rendering your home uninhabitable
  • Illness
  • Injury
  • Jury duty
  • Quarantine
  • Scheduling change by your carrier that causes you to miss a connection
  • Visa not issued
  • Work-related reasons 
    • Business meeting cancellation
    • Dismissal
    • Job transfer
    • Layoff
    • Mandatory service for firefighters, police officers, and military

Some insurance companies will also insure you against other risks. Call 1-855-309-5888 to ask a representative for more information.

Protect yourself against the unexpected

Buy your trip cancellation insurance within seven days of making the first payment on your trip and enjoy extended coverage.  

You could be reimbursed for 95% of the cost of being forced to cancel or interrupt your trip. Covered situations include: 

  • Separation
  • Marriage annulment
  • Divorce
  • Death of a pet

Simply provide written proof of the unforeseen event to get reimbursed! 

Call 1-855-309-5888 to speak with a representative and purchase extended trip cancellation and interruption insurance.

Last-minute discount

Booked your trip and plan to leave in the next seven days? You may be eligible for last-minute trip cancellation and interruption insurance and a discount of 25%!

Call us at 1-855-309-5888 and speak to a representative to get a travel insurance quote. 

If your flight is delayed

If your flight is delayed due to weather or mechanical issues, your hotel and meal expenses will be reimbursed.  

Other expenses, such as taxi fares and long-distance telephone charges, may also be covered. 

Talk to one of our representatives if...

  • You wish to cancel or interrupt a trip due to an event that occurred three or more months before you purchased your insurance
  • You made the first non-refundable payment on your trip more than 15 days ago

Our representatives will help you find the best travel insurance for your needs from among our several insurers or get a quote for trip cancellation and interruption insurance only. Call us at 1-855-309-5888.

How to submit a claim

Call the insurance company that sold you your trip cancellation and interruption insurance.

They will tell you how to submit a claim.

Get the best travel insurance for your needs

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