december 10, 2018

5 all-new all-inclusive destinations

The sun shines everywhere on the planet. So, why limit yourself to the same destination options? These 5 getaways will forever change how you travel.

1. Turks and Caicos

Located to the East of the Bahamas, the eight Turks and Caicos Islands have more than 370 kilometres of white sandy beaches, blue crystalline waters and exceptional scuba diving sites, including one of the largest coral reefs in the world.

After your bike or moped ride around the islands, go to your luxury hotel for some well-deserved R&R. Check out the Columbus Landfall National Park, the French Cay bird sanctuary or the conch farm, and end your day with a seafood meal at one of the many local restaurants.

You’ll fall under the spell of its utter calmness and the warm welcome of its inhabitants.

2. Saint Vincent and the Grenadines

Rarely visited (and rather luxurious), the Saint Vincent and the Grenadines Islands are the place for the most discerning traveller. Secret hideout of the stars, the islands surrounded by turquoise waters offer a pristine landscape and chic hotels.

The volcanic black sandy beaches on Saint Vincent are definitely worth seeing (but don’t forget your sandals cause black sand gets very hot). Conversely, Grenadines has the best white sandy beaches.

Catamaran, scuba diving, hiking... even cricket – never a dull moment here! Plus, the magical waterfalls of the Vermont Nature trail (and its parrots) are sure to leave you with everlasting memories.

3. Guadeloupe

With its beaches, tropical forests and breathtaking waterfalls, Guadeloupe is what dreams are made of. Dominated by the La Soufrière volcano, this “Island of Beautiful Waters” is home to majestic landscapes, rich flora and fauna as well as reefs that will enchant even the most experienced divers.

While there, be sure to go on an expedition to find your secret blue lagoon, drink refreshing cocktails under the palm trees at sunset or ride around the mangroves in a boat. Before returning to the hotel, try the accras, spicy shrimp, fruit sorbet and other Caribbean street food delicacies.

4. British Virgin Islands

An archipelago of 40-or-so islands off the coast of Puerto Rico, the BVI are home to some of the most awe-inspiring sights the human eye will ever behold. Their blue crystalline waters, tree-lined hills and coral reefs make these islands a veritable exotic refuge.

Sparsely populated, the British Virgin Islands can be easily accessed by plane or boat. Natural pools, caves and granite cliffs that are home to colourful tropical birds should be on every traveller’s things-to-see list.

On the Anegada coral atoll, which is home to just a few inhabitants, you can see flamingos, go diving in mersmerizing settings or bask in the sun’s rays on a deserted white sandy beach. You can also dive several shipwrecks, some of which are undoubtedly very old.

5. Maui, Hawaii

This one is a classic reborn. Second in size only to the Big Island, Maui immediately takes your breath away. This pearl of the Pacific is perfect for those who prefer rest and relaxation as well as those who enjoy outdoor adventure.

Maui offers endless beaches, diving sites and kayaking as well as lush wilderness you can explore on foot. At 3,055 meters above sea level and above the clouds, the sunrises from the summit of the Haleakalā volcano are mythical. Be sure to wrap yourself up in a warm blanket as you await the first rays of the rising sun, as you are serenaded by the sounds of ancient aboriginal ritual chants. Have you always wanted to try surfing? Some of Maui’s beaches are perfect for beginners.

Maui is also a foodie paradise, with its fresh fish served as sashimi or poke, its unique barbecue and its colourful side-dishes influenced by cuisines from around the world. Be sure to try the local wine, especially pineapple wine, which is not as sweet as you might think.

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Finally, don’t forget to consult the travel advice and advisories issued by the Government of Canada ( to ensure safe travel abroad. Please note that the social and political unrest is possible in any sunshine destination. Stay informed to avoid any unpleasant surprises.