October 1, 2018

Beating those post-vacation blues

Farewell turquoise waters and sunset dinners… You’re back on your office run, stuck in traffic and wondering how come they still haven’t invented teleportation. But what if you use your post-vacation funk to adopt a new outlook on your everyday life?


You’re back into your normal sleep pattern, but it hasn’t solved the blues. Everything seems drab compared to the fabulous days (weeks or months) spent abroad. Those feelings of being open and wide-eyed have melted as fast as an Italian gelato in a scorching piazza and you’re debating whether to seek refuge in bed or take the first flight to Naples.

Don’t worry: you’re not alone. In fact, one out of two travellers has a hard time readjusting after a holiday, regardless of the length of the trip. The grey cloud generally lifts after a few weeks.

Here are some things that can help you get back to reality while keeping your nomadic spirit alive – even close to home.

1. Anticipate vacation withdrawal symptoms

It might seem strange to plan for feeling depressed after you’ve emptied the sand from your suitcase, but it’s a wise tactic.

By planning your trip back down to earth and the funds to survive for a while, you avoid putting yourself in an emergency situation and reduce the stress. There’s nothing worse than having to send out job applications when your head is miles away.

2. Move it, move it!

You’d rather be hiking in the Andes or surfing in Australia and yet, here you are, slumped in front of the TV watching back-to-back series ever since you got home? The thrill-seeking tourist in you will be happy to learn (or be reminded at least) that Canada abounds with hiking trails, ski resorts and kayakable rivers. There is no better pick-me-up than a cocktail of sport and the great outdoors.

If your vacation was spent happily idling by the barbecue, piña colada in hand, but you’ve brought home a few kilos as a souvenir, getting active will help give you the energy to re-establish a healthy everyday routine. For example, there’s nothing like a Latin dance class for adding an exotic twist to your routine, making new friends and beating the holiday blues.

3. Take another look around your own back yard

It is no secret that Canada is one of the world’s top tourism magnets. But are you aware of all the treasures to be found on your own doorstep? Charming villages, great places to out, museums, sites of historic interest: there really is something for everyone.

Plan a short getaway with friends or your significant other. A weekend in the country or a shopping trip to Montreal, Toronto or Boston will keep your head in the clouds while your feet make it back down to earth.

4. Rearrange your living space

You’ve barely put your suitcases down and you find your apartment decidedly lack-lustre? Why not use your holiday inspiration and hang up your favourite holiday photos in a cool frame, display your travel knick-knacks on the bookshelf or rearrange the furniture? Why not even repaint a wall that same wonderful vibrant colour you saw in the café near your hotel?

You feel like a different person after your last trip, so why not let your home reflect your new image.

5. Tell (the right) people all about your trip

Your travel tales are certainly amazing, as are your photos, but this doesn’t mean all of your listeners will be spellbound, no matter how fantastically you paint the scene.

When you sense your audience tuning out, reach out to fellow travellers—real ones or ones out there in the blogosphere. They are likely to be genuinely interested in hearing about your adventures and will also want to share theirs. Above all, they’ll understand that you’re bitten.

6. Give yourself time (before setting off again)

Go easy on yourself; it’s totally normal to feel down after you’ve had a really intense experience. Be patient with yourself.

Once you’ve come to grips with your life back home, there’s nothing stopping you from dreaming about your next trip!

Happy landing!