July 22, 2019

Top 5 destinations for Canadians

What are the most popular destinations for Canadians to visit when it comes time to pull out their passports?

5. Cuba

The love affair Canadians have with this Caribbean island shows no signs of abating with 844,000 visits to Cuba recorded in 2014.

Canadians make up the majority of the tourists visiting Cuba. They are drawn to the pristine white sand beaches, the colonial charm of its cities and the security they enjoy as tourists on the island.

4. France

In 2014, Statistics Canada noted 1 million visits to France by Canadian tourists.

Quebecers contribute in large part to this statistic, making France their second preferred vacation spot to visit.

Paris alone welcomes around 32 million tourists every year, a testament to the city’s timeless charm.

3. United Kingdom

Canadians made a total of 1.1 million visits to the United Kingdom in 2014.

Ontario residents who enjoy the rich history of the British Isles boosted this stat, followed closely by Albertans.

Preferred destinations: the City of London and the English countryside.

2. Mexico

This is the destination of choice for Canadians looking to escape our harsh winters and enjoy some blissful beach time in the sun.

In 2014, 1.9 million Canadian tourists visited Mexico, mainly looking for a sand-and-sun vacation.

The number of visitors to Mexico has been steadily rising since 2015, attributed to the hospitality of the Mexican people and the country’s ever-growing tourism offer.

1. United States

It’s really no big surprise that Canadians head south of the border to the U.S. when it comes time to travel.  

Despite the dreadful exchange rate, the country’s geographic proximity and diversity make it an easy destination to visit.

The proof? In 2014, Statistics Canada recorded more than 23 million visits of one night or longer.

Whether travelling across the border for business or pleasure, Canadians are especially fond of the following states: 

  • Florida
  • New York
  • California
  • Michigan