September 9, 2019

8 tips for a successful trip to Greece

Are you planning a trip to Greece? Here are 8 tips to have a memorable stay in this land steeped in myth.

1. Peak season… pshaw!

It is not recommended to visit Greece during the peak months of July and August. The main attractions are inundated, which makes visits less enjoyable, especially if there is a lot of selfie sticks obstructing the view. 

What’s more, the heat is intense, especially in Athens where space in the shade is less common than the city’s stray cats.

If you want to travel to Greece, opt for the end of spring or the beginning of fall. There are not as many tourists and the temperature is milder. However, check to confirm which islands are accessible as many close in September for the off-season.

2. Take the path less travelled

Greece has much more to offer than the Acropolis, Parthenon, Mykonos and Santorini.

Greece is home to many magical places worth a visit. There are lesser known Cyclades Islands such as Naxos and Rhodes, as well as the Pindus National Park dedicated to the god Apollo and his muses.

3. Last minute ? Ókhi! (No!)

Tourists flock to Greece hoping to tour the vast country from top to bottom. 

You should therefore plan your stay well in advance and avoid trying to make last-minute reservations.

If you intend to island hop through some of the 250 Cyclades Islands, your plans could be thwarted by the difficulty of getting from one island to the next. It is recommended to reserve your spot on a ferry 3-6 months before your departure.

The same advice applies for car rental. Reserve early to have the best choice.

4. Fall for Mediterranean cuisine

Skip those international restaurant chains and instead pick places that specialize in local Mediterranean cuisine featuring olive oil, feta, yogurt and fresh vegetables. Opa!

Greece is the country of tzatziki, moussaka, souvlaki, gyros, pita and tiropita.

Wash it all down with a shot of ouzo (dry anise-flavoured alcohol) or Greek coffee to wrap up your Hellenic feast.

5. Embrace Greek time

Have you heard about being on Greek time? It is similar to the mañana culture in South America.

The old adage ‘good things come to those who wait’ rings true here. Nobody wants to be the very first person to arrive and so most like to show up late. The Greek population appreciates a slower pace to daily life.

Leave your North American rhythm at home and slow it down to Greek time. After all, you are on vacation to decompress, not stress!

6. Dive into mythology

Greece is a country overflowing with rich mythology filled with dramatically exaggerated emotions and deities with larger-than-life personas.

Far from being forgotten pieces of ancient history, Greek legends are still relevant in the modern world.

Take a trip back to childhood and get carried away by compelling stories that teach us about human nature and the cradle of Western civilization.

7. Never leave without travel insurance

Mere humans are not oracles who can predict the unexpected on Greek soil.

There is nothing better than all inclusive travel insurance to handle medical emergencies, lost luggage or a cancelled flight.

8. Beware of pickpockets

The areas where thefts occur most often include popular tourist attractions and public transit. Stay vigilant and alert at all times.

The Canadian government posts recommendations for you to follow to avoid being a victim of petty crime.


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