July 24, 2019

5 reasons to visit Eastern Europe

Looking for somewhere a little different for your next holiday? Here are five reasons why you should visit Eastern Europe.

1. For the architecture and the history

The richness of Eastern European architecture tells the story of the different eras and civilizations that have survived the wars, religions and monarchies over the centuries. Vestiges of the pain and the glory, the pure and preserved beauty of these historical monuments will stop you in your tracks.  

2. For the cost of living

Eastern European countries offer a fabulous compromise if you want to visit the “old” continent without it burning a hole in your wallet.

Each year, several Eastern European countries make it onto the Numbeo Cost of Living Index of places where the cost of living is the least expensive.

Why not treat yourself to a little affordable luxury this trip?

3. For the food

Cold meats, decadent desserts and delicious baked goods are just some of the culinary highlights of a trip to Eastern Europe.

The cuisine throughout this part of the continent is varied and proud of its diverse gastronomic influences.

Goulash, apple strudel, lángos, borscht, balandėliai … terms that might not trip off the tongue but a delicious mouthful nonetheless!

4. For the beaches

The Adriatic Sea has been working its seductive charms for a long time … Legend has it that Alfred Hitchcock visited the city of Zadar, in Croatia, in 1964 and witnessed the most magnificent sunset of his life.

Selected as a destination of choice by the New York Times, Zadar is one of a long list of coastal towns known for its beautiful beaches. Further down the coast, in Montenegro, discover the beaches of Jaz de Budva, Becici or Petrovac.

Bulgaria also boasts some great seaside resorts: Sunny Beach in Slantchev Briag, Golden Sands near Varna or the beach at Silistar for those in search of more peaceful surroundings.

5. For the Empress Sisi

The Empress Sisi continues to fascinate.

A tour designed to plunge you into the world of the much-loved empress is one of Vienna’s most popular tourist attractions. The tour makes several stops, starting with the Hofburg Imperial Palace and the Schönbrunn Palace where you can view several personal items belonging to Sisi.

Round off the trip with a visit to the Augustinian Church where she married Emperor Franz Joseph 1 of Austria.