July 26, 2019

Travel insurance… even after you’ve set off?

It is never too late to get insurance! Did you know that you can take out travel insurance even when you’re already travelling?

You’re just settling in to your hotel when you realize you forgot to take out travel insurance before leaving. Don’t worry, it can happen to anyone. You can simply get after-departure travel insurance.

Why get after-departure travel insurance?  

Because it might protect you for the rest of your trip should something go wrong. A complement to group insurance coverage, after-departure insurance is a particularly good idea for longer trips. It allows you to extend your trip and benefit from the coverage until you step foot back in your home province.

If the travel insurance provided by your group insurance plan covers your travel for up to 90 days, there’s nothing stopping you from extending your trip. However, it’s important to consider that after the 90-day period, you will no longer be covered for a medical emergency abroad.  

After-departure travel insurance will take up the slack and cover you for what your group travel insurance doesn’t.

Talk to one of our representatives

Simply call one of our representatives and ask for more information. They will check your eligibility for after-departure insurance with you and provide you with a quote.

As with emergency medical expenses insurance, you must tell our representative if:

  • You have consulted a doctor since leaving for your trip
  • You have made a claim with another insurance company since leaving
  • You had symptoms of a serious illness before leaving
  • You are not covered by your provincial health insurance for the length of your trip.

Before taking out after-departure travel insurance, bear in mind that it can take up to 7 days after you submit your application for the coverage to take effect.

Legal note

Eligible causes giving entitlement to protection in case of cancellation or interruption of your trip may vary from one contract to another, and these examples may not apply to your situation. Please contact your insurer’s Customer Service department or consult your brochure for more information.