4 février 2020

5 airport safety tips

Don’t let an airport mishap ruin your vacation before it begins.

1. Keep your passport in a safe place

A passport is required to enter the country you plan to visit. But you will also be asked to present it several times before passing through customs at your destination.

So keep it in a safe spot:

  • A clothing pocket that closes with a zipper or snap button.
  • A handbag: in this case, wear it over the shoulder. 
  • A backpack: make sure to completely close the compartment. Some models even have lockable zippers.

Places to avoid:

  • Back pocket of your pants. Even if it doesn’t get stolen, it could still fall into the toilet!
  • Coat pocket that is too small
  • Tote bag

Always return your passport to the same place – an inside coat pocket or your backpack – to avoid rummaging for it, which could add some stress to your trip!

2. Label your luggage

Write the following info on a label:

  • Your name
  • Your address
  • Your cell phone number to be reachable at all times
  • Your email address.

Use a coloured label to help easily identify your bag or suitcase.

Is your label not conspicuous enough? Add a distinctive touch to the handle – a piece of colourful fabric, for example.

3. Pack lighter and watch over your luggage

Keep the number of bags or suitcases you use down to a minimum in order to have fewer items to monitor.

When it comes time to pack, go online to get tips or watch videos that offer smart tips on how to pack your bags like a pro.

Find out what the weather will be like at the destination during your stay. This will guide your choice of clothing to pack.

Think about the activities you will be doing. No need to pack running shoes if you have no plans to go jogging!

Before closing your bags, ask yourself if you’re really going to need everything in there.

You could always check in a bigger bag, which would leave you with fewer bags to monitor.

Are you travelling solo and need to hit the loo? Bring your luggage in too. You may feel a little awkward in the bathroom stall, but at least your belongings will not go rolling off without you.

4. Use your electronic devices safely

Don’t draw a lot of attention to the contents of your luggage, above all if you are carrying a cell phone, tablet, laptop, game console and whatnot. Do not tempt fate!

Never send personal information when using an airport’s wireless network: it is not a secure network.

Do you need to plug your device into an outlet? Don’t forget to pack a charger!

5. Get insurance before you depart

Remain vigilant to ensure peace of mind at the airport and at your destination. And, to be on the safe side, pick up some baggage insurance.