December 17, 2019

8 things to verify when arriving at your hotel room

As soon as you finish checking into the hotel, take a few minutes to inspect the following 8 elements in your room.

Seasoned travellers examine their room thoroughly immediately after check-in to ensure an enjoyable and safe hotel stay.

Take a page out of their book and don’t be shy about informing management if your room does not meet your criteria. Keep in mind that hotel management and staff are used to juggling the various dissatisfactions or requests of their guests. They will go above and beyond to accommodate you.

1. Bedbugs

Even the most prestigious hotels are not immune to bedbugs.

Here are some tips to detect bedbugs in your hotel room so you can avoid cohabitating with these terrible pests.

2. Cleanliness

Vacuuming, dusting, changing the bedding and towels are regular tasks performed before a new guest checks in.

However, some surfaces could be overlooked.

Carefully inspect the room and bathroom to ensure they have been properly cleaned. Check if the trash has been emptied.

3. Linens

The bedspread is not consistently changed (or washed) between guests. Remove it and add the extra woolen blankets.

Take this opportunity to examine the condition and cleanliness of the bedding. Is it immaculate? If not, ask for it to be changed.

You don’t want to find unwanted evidence of a previous guest’s stay: hair, socks, underwear, etc.

Same goes for bath towels and bathrobes. Everything should be perfect!

4. Sayonara germs!

Some items in a hotel room are unfortunately renowned for being veritable breeding grounds for germs and bacteria:

  • TV remote
  • Glasses
  • Ice bucket

First off, rub a disinfectant wipe over the remote. Clean the other objects with a towel and gentle soap to eliminate any traces of bacteria.

5. Unpleasant guests

Your hotel stay could be ruined by rowdy neighbours who are not on the same sleep cycle as you.

If they aren’t checking out any time soon, you could ask for another room especially if yours is too close to theirs.

6. Safety

The lock on the door of your room should properly lock.

Same applies for the safe. You need to be able to leave your documents and items of value without fear of theft.

Take a few minutes to look over the evacuation plan and locate the closest stairwell to your room. You will be better prepared should an emergency arise during your hotel stay.

7. Minibar

Verify the minibar’s contents. You don’t want to pay for things you have not taken.

If you notice some drinks are missing, simply call the front desk to let them know and confirm the hotel will not be adding those items to your bill.

8. Temperature

Check the room temperature before settling into your room. Not too hot, not too cold: it should be comfortable for sleeping.

Simply ask to change rooms if you aren’t satisfied.