December 10, 2019

5 questions to ask to get the right travel insurance

Here are 5 questions your insurer will ask so you can get travel insurance that best fits your situation.

Insurance companies are unequivocal: you must provide all information required.

Be transparent, offer any information you deem relevant and answer all the representative’s questions. They will filter the information and ensure that your file is complete in order to be compensated for costs incurred for:

Get your documents in order before contacting an insurer.

1. How’s your health?

Make an inventory of medications you take, noting their dosage and the ailment for which they were prescribed.

Take a trip down memory lane: have you been sick in the last 6 to 12 months?

If yes:

  • From what ailment did you suffer?
  • Did you see a doctor?
  • Have you completely recovered?
  • Are you waiting for medical test results?

If no:

  • When was your last medical exam?

2. What are your plans?

How often do you plan to go away during the year? If you are thinking of packing for more than one trip, annual travel insurance could be the best option for you.

What is the approximate cost of your trip? This information will help determine the amount of coverage you need.

3. How long are you going for?

Every province establishes the number of days per year you need to reside in your province to be covered by its provincial health insurance plan.

Notify a representative if you plan to exceed the number of allowable days abroad and they will propose a suitable solution.

4. Do you have other coverage?

Are you still working? Ask your employer what your group insurance plan covers.

Contact the insurance company directly if those answers are not satisfactory.

Many credit cards offer some sort of travel insurance coverage:

  • Read the paperwork received with your card;
  • When in doubt, call the card-issuing company.

Double check your information: you do not want to pay twice for some protection and inadvertantly leave out other coverage.

5. For relaxation, sport or adventure?

The activities you have planned will determine the type of coverage to consider.

Are you heading south to play golf or going skiing in the Alps? Do not forget to insure your gear.

If you are worried about leaving your elderly parents alone for a while, you can take out trip cancellation or interruption insurance.

What countries are you visiting? Plan accordingly if adventure beckons and you decide to trek through inhospitable terrain. Err on the side of caution because you never know!

It can be a tedious exercise, but if you set out properly insured, you will travel with peace of mind and be free to thoroughly enjoy your visit.